Kidz Tennis | About The Company
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About The Company


We have a passion to encourage, mentor, and coach young children to be the best they can be, everyday!  Our programs go beyond hitting shots and scoring points, we work hard to instill good sportsmanship, fair play, taking turns, and winning or losing with grace.

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We are all about creating opportunities, whether it is for children who are looking for an opportunity to play and learn, or an adult who is seeking an opportunity to start their own business.  Kidz Tennis & Sportz is great for children, and The Kidz Tennis & Sportz Franchise is a great opportunity for adults who have the passion to help the next generation.

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This is at the core of everything we do.  Shot and stroke development, skill development, physical development, social development, emotional development, and developing strong student athletes.  We also develop leaders, mentors, coaches, and business owners with our training program and our franchise business model.

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