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Franchise Info

Introductory Video

What if we created a path for you to follow with answers to all of your questions along the way?

What if you really could work less and earn more for yourself?

Would you look into it?

Research and Compare Franchises in markets you enjoy and understand. Pay special attention to key areas such as; Initial Investment Capital, Territory Size, Time Investment, Requirements, Overhead & Risks, Item 19 of the FDD outlining Financial Potential, Income type (Linear or Residual).

Path to Owning your Future0%

Talk with the Franchise Development Coordinator at your Top Five Franchises and ask questions regarding your research.

Path to Owning Your Future0%

Ask each of your Top Three Franchises to give you a presentation about their Franchise Business Opportunity.  Take time during the presentation to ask questions about each aspect of the business.

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Ask additional questions and make determinations about the company, the people, the process, the training, and the requirements involved. Be thorough in your vetting process, consult with an attorney who may help provide you with additional questions to ask.

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Make a decision on the franchise opportunity and protected territory that best suits your needs.  Finalize the deal and prepare for the next steps.

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Schedule your Training Program Dates and discovery details.  Equipment and marketing supplies will typically be ordered during your training session and scheduled to arrive when you return home.

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Familiarize yourself with your new Operations Manual and Training Guides. Finalize the set-up of your work-space and begin your journey.  Make notes along the way so you can discuss questions with the franchisor and other franchisees during the scheduled conference calls.

Path to Owning Your Future0%
This information is right on track for me and I would like to see more information about the Kidz Tennis Business Model.